Data Center
Manager of the Year

The modern data center manager has to span the chasm  between IT and facilities while juggling the consequences of their immediate surroundings. Wherever they work, their responsibilities are to prevent failure through great planning, react superbly to the unexpected, communicate the facts and take the right actions - and make sure the team can cover when they are not there.


The judges will be looking for exceptional managers, who triumphed in abnormal situation, or prevented a catastrophic failure through lightning-fast thinking. They want to hear about people whose ingenuity solved tricky problems, and whose leadership created a stronger team or a better workplace? They want to hear about people who delivered change, rather than enduring it.

Who should enter & Eligibility


  • You must nominate a colleague, not yourself

  • Your entry must actually have the job title Data Center Manager and have held that for a period of at least 6 months

  • Any event(s) you mention must have taken place within the last year (since 1st August 2018)

2018 Judges Include

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